JCB RTS.FM 18.11.14

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Dmitry Marchenkov, known as JCB, a most important Russian DJ, producer and remixer, has gained his status of being one of the influential player of the modern club industry producing and releasing his own tracks and remixes with famous European


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SESSION VICTIM at OYE Record Shop! Album Launch «See You When You Get There»

Kurmyshev RTS.FM 04.11.14

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RTS.FM session with KURMYSHEV, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t

SID RTS.FM 30.10.14

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30 October will take some of RTS.FM crew. Alexander Sedaykin aka Sid started collect vinyl records in 2011. Then understand that can’t stop doing it. He loves different music from some slow dub waves to mechanic beat microhouse and melodic

Flatbeat showcase @ Flat b2b Shirokov

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Dima Studitsky RTS.FM 28.10.14

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1.FHLOSTON PARADIGM — LIGHT ON EDGE Original Mix — Hyperdub 2.MEMOTONE — ROOFWALKER Original Mix — Project Mooncircle 3.TIMOKA- SEMBAT’S TRAVEL Original Mix -Holger 4.RIVAL CONSOLES — 3 Chords Original Mix — Erased Tapes 5.Taylor McFerrin — PLACE IN MY

Friendly Vibes x RTS.FM: Kammerton & Aesthete

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In the beginning there was jack, and jack had a groove. And from this groove came the groove of all grooves. And while one day viciously throwing down on his box, Jack boldly declared, «Let there be HOUSE!» and house

Aero (live) RTS.FM Budapest 25.10.2014


Berlin-based Aera has been travelling off the beaten path ever since he first went on the road with his Aleph Music label back in 2010. With a steady solo output, he laid out his very own topography in the borderlands

Unbalance RTS.FM 23.10.14

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Techno music has always been a substance consisting of contrasts. Born in the «Motor City», techno made closer a man and a machine, combining live emotionality and technological elegance. This characteristic is very suitable for Unbalance music, Russian producer. Debuting

Andrey Pushkarev RTS.FM 22.10.14