JCB RTS.FM Moscow x Rodnya 28.01.16

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Dmitry Marchenkov, known as JCB, a most important Russian DJ, producer and remixer, has gained his status of being one of the influential player of the modern club industry producing and releasing his own tracks and remixes with famous European imprints – Skint Rec., Highway Rec., Baroque Rec., Insert Coin Rec., BeatFreak Rec.

His special intransigent style, brand new approach, brilliant performance are acknowledged by the electronic music gourmets and the world club industry professionals, such as Mark Knight, Richie Hawtin, Matthew Dekay, Dennis Ferrer, D-Formation and many others.

At the moment JCB is not only a resident of the legendary NY replica oakleys label Objektivity but also the author and the host of his own monthly radio-show HyperReality. In 2013 he was listed among top-residents and producers cheap oakleys sunglasses of one of the best CIS labels – HighWay Records.

Besides being a successful DJ and producer, arranging massive parties and festivals, JCB is a booking expert well-known in club life both in Moscow and far outside the Russian capital. Since the foundation of the legendary secret Moscow bar “Mendeleev Bar” JCB has been its resident and Music Director responsible for the music concept and unexpected arrivals spoken about by the sleepless megalopolis long after the parties are over. “Trying to blindly 日本2014年最新旋轉木馬Starbucks follow the ray ban sunglasses latest trend you are at high cheap nfl jerseys risk of losing your individuality”, -JCB comments his recognizable music style, – “Styles may change but never should your character. I accept only those trends which correspond to my inner world and ignore the rest. This is what makes my style unique and special both in music and in my life in general.”


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