Kazantsev RTS.FM 07.04.15

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Ilya Kazantsev is an ex-resident and Балашове musical director of the legendary Moscow techno-site “Paparazzi Bar”, beatmaker, vinyl collector and Cheap Football Jerseys apologist of nonprofit dance music with “black” roots. Ilya lives in Moscow, but was born on the banks of the Volga River in Ulyanovsk. There he began his career path in the hip-hop culture oakley outlet and has grown as an artist on the basis of the old school. Once Ilya discovered the beauty of electronic music cheap jerseys and now for many years playing house cheap oakleys and techno records, ranging his sound from light catchy tunes to difficult hypnotic harmonies. Speaking about himself and his work, Ilya rephrases classics saying that it is necessary to play so that others were well on what you’re playing: «My DJ sets, as it may sound corny – is the stories told by the universal language of music. This is parables about the sincerity and kindness ray ban sunglasses that cause people, let a moment, believe that in modern world there is place for magic. While dancing people take off their masks, smile, believe. I’ve seen it more than once. So, without false modesty, I am a good storyteller.» His set on RTS.FM performed on 07 of April 2015.


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