Po:ti RTS.FM Budapest 09.01.16

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Visuals by Healium Decoration facebook.com/healium.deco
Fb event: facebook.com/events/1243408892341966
Venue: Corvin Bar facebook.com/corvinteto<br Cheap Jerseys from china />
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/rtsfm/poti-rtsfm-budapest-09012016
PO:TI /Contra Mundum, Akkult – HU/
Po:ti’s real name is Zsolt Fenyvesi, a Budapest based vinyl addict dj. He inherited his music addiction from his father together with a record collection which had a wide variety of styles from jazz to Bilhete psychedelic rock. Maybe this made him so musically open minded. 2000 was the first oakley outlet time when he encountered electronic music. He bought his first record cheap oakley sunglasses in 2004 and ever since then has been growing his collection. For a long time he just made bedroom sets and played at some little gigs for friends. 2011 was the real breakthrough year. After a few fun events in his hometown, he played more than ten times at the finest underground radio station in Budapest, Radio cheap jerseys Tilos, mainly on the Eat da Beat show. That summer he was invited to “Alkototabor”, the most musically sophisitcated mini-festival in Hungary focused on high quality electronic musical styles. For the future he’d like to play more events in Budapest and pay more attention to music production. His cheap oakleys sunglasses sets mainly focus on deep house and techno, both under a strong dub impression.

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