Raqpar RTS.FM Budapest 20.11.15

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Visuals by Kristof |Lab| kristoflab.tumblr.com
Stream venue: LÄRM Budapest larm.hu
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/rtsfm/raqpar-rtsfm-budapest-20112015
Event/info: facebook.com/events/556848454468410
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Raqpar is a Hungarian producer who has been interested in electronic music for a long time now. He has always loved listening to every kind of music and in 2010 he decided to create his music style. He has been inspired by his favourite DJs from techno and house style.
He started making his own music in his home studio and also got release Cheap NFL Jerseys on Cheap NFL Jerseys labels like Krad Records, Whoyostro Music 10% or cheap jerseys Samani.

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