Rodrigo Valdivia RTS.FM Chile 19.04.16

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Rodrigo Valdivia (1986) is a Chilean electronic Dj native from Temuco and seen by his peers as a pioneer in the south of Chile. He defines his style as “Space” and states in order to get an interesting set, music must have elements of surprise that make you recall: “You must surprise people with some element that recalls them something, that takes them to some known place, even if it is a small memory, an insinuation of something”.
His love for music started when he was very little, through his father’s big love for it. When playing the second guitar in a rock band in 2006, he got to know electronic music and had a crush on the idea of being able to make up stories with music during several cheap nba jerseys hours at a party.
Before starting to play he listened to electronic music for three years, until he met Cigarra radio, . Influenced by it, he started doing research and downloading music and software to mix, until he started playing in Cigarra every two months. Then, he played in the legendary Club La Feria in Santiago with Umho, Trabko and Jakco, who were also his first music influences.
“In a party, I look for getting smiles out of people, that’s my mission”. A mission he has accomplished through these five years in his tripping sets and that he now intends to achieve in his own production.<br Fake Oakleys />
“I’m in a constant search for music and I’m currently looking for my own sound in order to star producing”.
Currently, he plays regularly in Cigarra and is a resident at Moloko ray ban sunglasses and in SAFARI, wholesale jerseys a new Chilean electronic parties and events concept. In SAFARI he has played with Omar Koolt, Birdsmakingmachine, J akco and UMHO, among others.
Rodrigo, who has been a big impact in the Chilean electronic scene in the last years, likes very much playing back to back, because “it’s a challenge; the other shows you a song and you show them a better one, then they download and so do you, then they upload and you may download again. It’s more challenging and you must be very focused, with much vision and respect, always.
Ricardo Villalobos is the producer he admires the most and he prefers following specific artists over particular record labels.
“I’m too Cheap NFL Jerseys China happy with acontecerá what I do, music shook my mind and my dream and goal is to live for music, with music and from music”.

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