VincentIulian RTS.FM Bucharest 01.04.15

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Paul Popa RTS.FM Bucharest 18.02.15

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Paul Popa RTS.FM BUCHAREST 18.02.15 by rtsfmLive

Boola RTS.FM Bucharest 04.03.15

· Leave a comment Bucharest 04.03.15 rtsfmLive With a music history starting in 2005, Boola has warmed up the decks for legends such as DJ Sneak and Eddie Richards and has played at some of the best clubs around the world such as

Ada Kaleh Live RTS.FM BUCHAREST 05.03.15

· 1 Comment With Metal six EPs released wholesale nfl jerseys so far, Ada Kaleh România has already remarked himself as an excellent producer, considering that his first release, Roua diminetii / O seara cheap oakleys de ragaz, appeared fake oakleys in

Panait a.k.a. Demos RTS.FM BUCHAREST 16.02.15

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<iframe frameborder="0" width="560" height="315" src="//" is allowfullscreen>Panait a.k.a. Demos RTS.FM BUCHAREST 16.02.15 rtsfmLive Panait was one of the first romanian talents to rise way back in the early 2000’s when you could see him play regulary all across Romania Fake

D.Korablev RTS.FM Bucharest 17.01.15

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Denis Korablev started to follow oakley outlet the local scene in Moscow which let him Cheap NFL Jerseys China experience a new life behind the DJ booth and work closely with the local label Deepology. Together with Alexander Sancho and


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Zniff has been around electronic music most of his life. He has become a household name on the electronic music scene. Zniff has been involved with writing music and has collaborated with many young Romanian house music artists. In 2003

Heyos and Audiothèque RTS.FM Bucharest 03.10.14

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After the amazing performance of Andrey PUSHKAREV at RTS.FM Bucharest Opening, we introduce some of the most talented and authentic artists of the Romanian local scene – Miss I, Heyos and Andrey Kharitonov Audiothèque. They have been passionate about music

Bucharest studio opening: Andrey Pushkarev RTS.FM 24.09.14


Romanian and Russian electronic music scene hold hands in a project that will build a strong long-lasting friendship. RTS.FM Moscow is brought to Bucharest and how could that be done better than with the authentic and talented presence of Andrey