Ivan Wentur RTS.FM Moscow 07.07.2016

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Sancho RTS.FM Moscow x Rodnya 26.11.15

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Flatbeat: Alex Flat & Shirokov

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Odum (live) RTS.FM Budapest 30.01.15 // visuals by Healium Decoration


Odum (full hardware) oakley outlet live act @ RTS.FM Budapest 30.01.15 visuals by wholesale jerseys Healium Decoration Streamed live from LÄRM Budapest Odum gear list: A&H GL2 S mixer, Korg electribe SX, AKAI MPC500, Waldorf microQ, Korg Volca keys, BOSS

JCB RTS.FM 18.11.14

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Dmitry Marchenkov, known as JCB, a most important Russian DJ, producer and remixer, has gained his status of being one of the influential player of the modern club industry producing and releasing his own tracks and remixes with famous European

Heyos and Audiothèque RTS.FM Bucharest 03.10.14

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After the amazing performance of Andrey PUSHKAREV at RTS.FM Bucharest Opening, we introduce some of the most talented and authentic artists of the Romanian local scene – Miss I, Heyos and Andrey Kharitonov Audiothèque. They have been passionate about music

Bucharest studio opening: Andrey Pushkarev RTS.FM 24.09.14


Romanian and Russian electronic music scene hold hands in a project that will build a strong long-lasting friendship. RTS.FM Moscow is brought to Bucharest and how could that be done better than with the authentic and talented presence of Andrey