Max Lanceberg RTS.FM Moscow 16.06.16

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Max Lanceberg at Radiotochka

Tagir RTS.FM Moscow 02.06.16

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Shyam RTS.FM Moscow 19.05.2016

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Alex Meshkov RTS.FM Moscow x Rodnya 21.04.16

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Denis Korablev RTS.FM Moscow x Rodnya 31.03.16

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Daria Zet RTS.FM x Rodnya 31.03.16

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Lost.Act b2b Mishel A RTS.FM Moscow X Rodnya 17.03.16

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Gatilove RTS.FM Moscow X Rodnya 17.03.16

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Lega B2b Vetalz RTS.FM X Rodnya 11.02.16

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Harry Light RTS.FM x Rodnya 04.02.16

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