Tod Louie RTS.FM Berlin 14.07.15

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Tod Louie is a prominent dj and music Cheap Jerseys collector in the underground Oslo scene. For the last five years he has been one of the cornerstones in the famous club concept “Det Gode Fake Oakleys Selskab” and now taking the step to Berlin working with Ruta 5 and Dandy Jack.
Grew up at a farm outside Oslo with a family that used to run festivals with up to 2000 people in their backyard. What happens when a farmers boy goes house & techno? wives Tod Louie has for the last 8 years built a name for himself to be one of the most passionate and consistent electronic music patriots in Oslo. His mission as a dj has always been to pave the way for quality underground music to find it’s way to the people. If you’ve been listening to any of his sets you should notice that he enjoys bringing the dark, mysterious and incredibly groovy techno together with the lighter, more organic and romantic side of the music. Almost like a Norwegian fairytale.
Together with fellow partner and dj; Solaris they run the renowned club concept «Det Gode Selskab». They’ve been know for years to bring clubbing outdoors, a sport which usually is associated Cheap NFL Jerseys with sweaty cellars. wholesale nfl jerseys Recently cheap ray bans they have taken part in a new adventure in re-launching the renowned record label Ruta 5 alongside musical maestro Dandy Jacc, something which has resulted in now partly living in both Oslo and Berlin.


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