Unbalance RTS.FM 23.10.14

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Techno music has always been a substance consisting of contrasts. Born in the “Motor City”, techno made closer a man and a machine, combining live emotionality and technological elegance. This characteristic is very suitable for Unbalance music, Russian producer.
Debuting in 2008, it took him several years to create a unique style. In his music, you can see the symbiosis of strong emotion and dedication of the industrial theme.
Fully realize his ideas Unbalance could on a series of vinyl records from the same name label. After only a year Alex performed at the famous techno mecca – Berghain/PanoramaBar. Unbalance is trying to connect the whole era of techno music, paying tribute to classic techno, inspired by futuristic sound and mixing of modern techno wave

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  1. tahanaha

    Первый трек очень крутой.Молодец.Ценители оценят)

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