Vivaviva RTS.FM Riga 04.06.2015

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We are glad to announce our new broadcast point – Riga. Latvian friends will show us some local scene artists and also musicians with a big name. Like always custom jerseys the main thing cheap oakleys sunglasses is music-loving! So, we will start with Thorgy performance from Vivaviva and dj set from Ksenia Kamikaza.
Vivaviva started the journey in 2011, when two dj’s/producer’s friends from Riga, Latvia, Vital Drozdov and Valdis Ruskulus, joined by their love to music and nature, decided to cheap oakleys combine forces behind decks, samplers and synths, quickly drawing attention of Latvian electronic music lovers with their futuristic ray ban sunglasses and groovy performances.

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