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Tape Hiss x RTS.FM Budapest 14.02.2020

Tape Hiss x RTS.FM Budapest / ILK - Four Freqs EP Launch 
Recorded and streamed live at Központ, Budapest on 14th February 2020. Event: 

https://www.facebook.com/kozpontbudapest/ ILK - Four Freqs EP (RRR006) // OUT NOW https://soundcloud.com/tapehissdothu/sets/ilk-four-freqs-ep-rrr006 

With a two hour RTS.FM live set, Tape Hiss Crew will open the way for their newest vinyl release with the cat. no. of RRR006. The record will see the light of the sun on the 14th of February, through the Repeat Repeat Repeat reissue label of Tape Hiss, breathing new life into the sleeping waveforms after a twenty year hiatus. Re-releasing the Four Freqs EP by ILK (sometimes as a duo, sometimes solo), was a harder than thought act, after a long labor with several difficulties through the way - it sure deserves some extra happening. Besides the rarely seen Tape Hiss DJs, a POP-UP STORE will also get a place in Központ, where the very first copies of the RRR006 alongside with previous releases of the label(s) and some freshly printed tees and tote bags can be copped. https://www.facebook.com/tapehiss https://soundcloud.com/tapehissdothu https://tapehiss.bandcamp.com RTS.FM Budapest archives: YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/rtsfmbudapest SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rtsfm/sets/rts-fm-budapest Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/rtsfmbudapest